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Go from best-kept secret to being seen.

Connecting with the people who’ve been waiting to find you.

Branding has a lot to do with how you’re perceived.

Creating branding and marketing
that reflects who you really ar



Your business deserves to stand out, look professional and feel like you 
so that you can do the work you love, for clients who love you. 

Be seen. Then start helping the clients that have been waiting to find you.

•  You’re tired of not being seen by the clients you could help and it’s affecting your bottom line.

•  You feel there is always a marketing deadline looming and you’re dragging your feet with no plan in place.

•  You know you can do more, but you don’t know where to start or how to take the first step.

Being passionate about your work, having high standards and believing quality service matters. It’s who you are. Your level of investment in your business is connected to who you are.

As a small business owner, your business starts with you.You care deeply about your business and you need help with the visual side from someone that you trust will care just as much as you do about your business.

You know how important image is for your business’ success, but you’re left wondering how to build your brand or manage your marketing while standing out from the crowd and keeping up with the day-to-day business. Your reputation is rock solid, but your brand doesn’t match your client’s experience.

You want one thing – to be seen and chosen by clients who value the work that you do and want to work with you.

Your reputation is rock solid but does your brand
match your client’s experience?



• Finding someone that would care about your business branding & marketing the way that you care about your business

• Feeling inspired again by your work and renewed pride as your business attracts ideal client opportunities.

• Working with an ad-agency quality designer who is highly capable and dedicated to streamlining your professional image.

“You don’t know how brilliant you are, a butterfly can’t see its own wings.”


Is your business feeling like a best-kept secret?

That’s where I come in.

Attracting the right clients happens because they identify and connect with who you are and what you stand for.

Hi! I’m Heidi Jess

founder of Image Quest, LLC. I’m a graphic designer & photographer specializing in visual continuity in branding & marketing. I work with independently-owned, business owners who have a reputation for doing outstanding work, exceeding expectations and building trusted relationships with clients.

I help them to create visual communication that’s infused with their personality, reflecting their values and passion then convey that through their business brand image.

When business owners are aligned with the way their business shows up there is an attraction that ideal clients notice and a connection they feel.

I take on the technical know-how and branding expertise to create a signature visual brand that genuinely reflects who you are and what you stand for so that you can be seen and chosen by more of your favorite kinds of customers. And you’ll feel proud of what they see.

When I’m not helping business owners to create branding that accurately reflects who they are and attracting their ideal clients I can be found on a walk listening to an audible book or music and adding steps to my daily goal or you may find me baking gluten-free desserts that rival their former wheat versions.

Other favorites: taking photos just for fun, laughing and banter-filled conversations.

Think we might be a good fit?

See samples below of some of my favorite projects and learn more about how I have helped other business owners just like you and how I can support you in your small business success! 


What’s your potential client’s first impression of your business?


Case Studies


Dan Ciha, Funeral Director, Owner of Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service 


Dan felt the families he’d most like to help weren’t finding him when they were searching. He was at a crossroads with a newly built website that didn’t feel right, no social media presence and his marketing lacked cohesiveness because it was a blend of work from a handful of vendor-provided graphic designers. 


We worked together to reflect his passion, genuine caring and desire to help families to celebrate the life of their loved ones. We built image continuity into his branding and starting by updating the nostalgic, sepia-toned website with a fresh feel more about living life and a tagline that spoke to his mission. 

“For us, it’s not about selling a casket or an urn.
 It’s about the life that you wish to celebrate.”



Sample Caption 1

Caption 2

Caption 3

“I felt like I had nothing in place to go forward with technology, a website, or social media. I was hitting and missing and nothing felt right.”

“People loved our website…people were responding with surveys and positive comments. We could actually measure [our results] whereas anything I’d ever done before in marketing was hard to measure. Good results!” 

Dan Ciha

Funeral Director, Owner, Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service

Branding has a lot to do with how you’re perceived.

Have a business you’d like to make a powerful first impression  
so your ideal clients notice and choose you?

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Attracting the right clients happens because they identify and connect with who you are and what you stand for.